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A knowledge worker's tool kit

There is so much data, so much information to process. News, RSS feeds, search results, papers, books. Raisin Picker helps knowledge workers to manage informaton that is relevant, to retrieve what is needed, to find what you are looking for.

Structure & organization

Raisin Picker implements several concepts to organize and structure your knowledge. Use (tree-structured) tags to categorize your content. Rate content on a numeric scale to indicate its relevance. Use relations to connect nodes.

On the shoulders of giants

Most concepts applied are based on research and inspired by best practices: Zettelkasten (german) of Niklas Luhman, memex, personal wiki, commonplace book, knowledge base, concept maps and spaced repetition.


Intuitive, responsive design using the Material Design Framework. Readable URLs. Create and edit content with a WYSIWYG editor (CKeditor). Colored icons representing rating and content types.

Configure your dashboard with widgets (e.g. recently created content, random content, charts, search box etc.)

Full-text search. Filter by date, rating, tags, and type (faceted search). Using Apache Solr for indexing.

For spaced reppetition, reminders are set automatically for you to review a piece of content after a month or a specified time period. Inspired by SuperMemo

Import & Export
Feed content by RSS feed. Mass import of existing data/information. Export your data in CSV and JSON.

Statistics & Charts
Monitor created and updated content nodes. Count node views. Visualize in charts using Google Charts or Highcharts library.

Connect to Pushover to get notifications on your (mobile) device. Or get email notifications. Connect to IFTTT Maker to do even more based on triggers.

Every edit and change is logged and can be undone. See your editing history. Count the number of views of a piece of content.

Connect nodes with each other. “Fieldable” relations.

On a content node, see suggestions of similar content.

Sort & Filter
Query your content. Filter and sort results. E.g. sort by date, rating, number of views; filter by tag, content type, date.

Bulk Operations
Conduct bulk operations to edit/delete many content nodes at a time. E.g. mark last 20 nodes with a tag.

Get Started

The easiest way is by using composer:

composer create-project raisinpicker/raisinpicker-project:8.x-dev raisinpicker

Alternatively download the raisinpicker profile.


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